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Cherry GmbH: Security Starts at the Input Device

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Dieter Klein, VP Business Unit Security and e-health, Cherry GmbHDieter Klein, VP Business Unit Security and e-health
Since the move to the cloud and the complete virtualization of IT infrastructures, security awareness has become indispensable. Today, the average internet user holds around 200 digital accounts with just as many associated passwords. As the number keeps getting bigger, managing these passwords no longer remains a priority for everyone. Users find it tedious to undergo the processes needed to generate a secure password. This lax attitude ends up becoming a source of numerous corporate security threats. Users can be spied on by inside/undercover attackers using keyloggers and bad USB devices even before any other means of protection is effective. To ensure secured access to their IT infrastructure, it is advisable for companies to demand verification for high security, multi-level authentication through biometric authentication processes or smartcards. Biometric authentication utilizing fingerprint through an input device such as a mouse is gaining more popularity as it can somewhat lessen the frustration that comes with passwords.

Germany-based Cherry GmbH (CHERRY), a leading global manufacturer of computer input devices, is catering to this trend with the Cherry MC 4900, a wired, 3-button mouse with an integrated fingerprint sensor. CHERRY security products ensure maximum security for computer input devices because for CHERRY, “Security starts at the input device!” says Dieter Klein, VP Business Unit Security and e-health, CHERRY. The MC 4900 allows easy logon and secure authentication, particularly benefitting businesses and public institutions. “Ease of use and ergonomics are of the usual high CHERRY standards,” he says. As the authentication function is already integrated into the input device, organizations can save themselves a large number of stand-alone readers by using the mouse or keyboard with integrated sensors.

he MC 4900 can easily connect to any PC with a USB port using plug-and-play and does not require any time-consuming software downloads.

Our new SECURE BOARD with device authentication and fully encrypted key transmission represents a new generation of trusted input devices

Together with the integrated fingerprint sensor, the device ensures full compatibility with Windows Hello. This makes it convenient and secure for Windows 10 users to log on to their device using their fingerprint without entering a password. The touch chip sensor ensures fast and secure authentication, and the fingerprint function makes the MC 4900 suitable for professional use at corporate workplaces and by public authorities. Health institutions and insurances employees find great value in CHERRY’s Fingerprint Mouse as it allows them to forgo the activating or de-activating of fields in pre-defined forms and the additional need to confirm this with their identity.

Since its foundation, CHERRY has stood for quality products designed in Germany and specially developed for its customers’ needs. CHERRY manufactures computer input devices with a focus on the office, industrial, gaming, security and eHealth sectors while being a global leader for mechanical switches and keyboards. The company’s keyboards and card readers are available as hardware solutions for endpoint security, encrypted key transmission, biometric logon and strong authentication. In addition to the contact-based chip card readers, CHERRY’s keyboards with contactless readers are prepared for upcoming applications and guarantee future security. CHERRY offers specialized security solutions subject to various security requirements from the Federal Ministry for Security and Information Technology (BSI). “This strengthens our security strategy in developing products to secure the endpoints,” says Klein.

CHERRY is going in line with the trend of secure and fast authentication with its new keyboard called “SECURE BOARD,” which comes with a contactless card reader and encrypted key transmission for secure authentication. “Our new SECURE BOARD with device authentication and fully encrypted key transmission represents a new generation of trusted input devices,” says Klein. To ensure a fast and strong authentication, the company is also currently looking into developing a trusted input device, which will be a biometric keyboard with FIDO2 fingerprint sensors.
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Cherry GmbH

Cherry GmbH

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Dieter Klein, VP Business Unit Security and e-health

CHERRY is a leading global manufacturer of computer input devices with a focus on office, gaming, industry, security, and switches for mechanical keyboards. Founded in 1953, CHERRY stands for German quality products that are designed and produced in Germany and developed specifically for the needs of its customers. CHERRY’s Fingertip ID Mouse, the MC 4900 is a wired 3-button mouse with integrated fingerprint reader which allows easy logon and secure authentication. CHERRY brings high quality, passion as well as design in working environments and thus addresses end-customers and companies alike who have high demands on performance, service life and functionality