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Top 10 Biometric Solution Companies in Europe - 2020

In times of mobile-first work culture, biometrics is playing a pivotal role in bolstering the security of enterprises beyond border management. Replacing the traditional verification process comprising passwords and security questions, biometrics has emerged as the most secure and reliable means of human identification. To begin with, the portable mobile biometrics is currently gaining momentum to ensure security in controlled environments like offices, public venues, airports, and others. Either through in-built biometric sensors or by attaching portable biometric hardware via USB cable or WiFi connection, mobile biometric checkpoints generate accurate results and provide ultimate security.

Furthermore, mitigating the inconsistencies of single-factor authentication like noisy data, spoof attacks, intra-class variations, non-universality, among others, multimodal biometric systems have been introduced. These advanced systems take inputs from multiple points such as fingerprint and finger vein, and are thereby highly reliable and secure. Besides, several governments and enterprises are replacing physical servers and investing in cloud-based biometric solutions to save authentication data. Not only does the cloud solutions reduce overhead cost, but also imparts flexibility to upscale or downscale IT requirements readily. Also, to meet the local and international laws and standards, businesses are using vertical specialized biometric solutions to customize security analytics.

In the wake of such drastic transitions, we have compiled this issue of Enterprise Security Magazine in order to assist organizations in the task of finding accomplished biometric solution providers. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 biometric solution providers in Europe 2020 to highlight the companies that can escalate the chances of your growth. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these enlisted solution providers are transforming the security landscape with respect to biometrics at the cloverleaf of various disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine comprises insights from subject-matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs in the enterprise security sector on the latest industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and highlights their expertise. We hope this issue of Enterprise Security Magazine helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster an environment driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Enterprise Security Magazine’s, “Top 10 Biometric Solution Providers in Europe - 2020.”

    Top Biometric Solution Companies in Europe

  • CHERRY is a leading global manufacturer of computer input devices with a focus on office, gaming, industry, security, and switches for mechanical keyboards. Founded in 1953, CHERRY stands for German quality products that are designed and produced in Germany and developed specifically for the needs of its customers. CHERRY’s Fingertip ID Mouse, the MC 4900 is a wired 3-button mouse with integrated fingerprint reader which allows easy logon and secure authentication. CHERRY brings high quality, passion as well as design in working environments and thus addresses end-customers and companies alike who have high demands on performance, service life and functionality

  • Founded in 2015, Crayonic’s original product, the Crayonic Pen, was developed to help users e-sign documents with ease, while ensuring that their identities were verified and secured with behavioral biometrics. To achieve this, the company issues an identity certificate prior to authentication and tracks handwriting biometrics to recognise the user. Today, Crayonic is beta-testing its new flagship product, the Crayonic KeyVault, which is specially designed to deliver an easy-to-use, password-less, step-up biometric authentication solution

  • DERMALOG's ePassports comply with ICAO guidelines (Doc 9303) and protect the citizen’s privacy by securing biometric and demographic data. This allows the automated, secure and fast processing of passengers crossing borders. DERMALOG offers a wide portfolio of ePassports and corresponding components - meeting a wide range of government agencies’ needs. DERMALOG offers multi-purpose biometric ID Cards for numerous fields of application like Civil Servants Cards, Health Cards, Drivers Licenses, or Seafarer’s Cards. Several countries are using a DERMALOG system to register foreign workers and to issue their biometric foreign workers cards (green cards) and permanent residents' cards

  • develops facial authentication platform for seamless access control and payments.As an end to end developer, the company has created a proprietary state-of-the-art algorithm for recognition, in-line with an embedded edge device to deliver the fastest recognition time on the market.’s robust platform for access controls and payments is offered to various sectors, including real estate, manufacturing companies, event venues, offices, and security facilities

  • Auraya Systems

    Auraya Systems

    Provide delightful and secure customer experience in any channel and any language with Auraya’s next-gen voice biometrics techonology

  • iMotions


    iMotions is an integrated analysis platform made to execute human behavior research with high validity. iMotions seamlessly integrates and synchronizes multiple biometric sensors that provide different human insight; such as Eye Tracking, EDA/GSR, EEG, ECG and Facial Expression Analysis. iMotions funnels all the essential hardware technologies and their respective data into one consistent path for them to work seamlessly together

  • InCode Technologies

    InCode Technologies

    Incode Omni is Incode’s end-to-end identity platform that offers a frictionless customer experience at every point of contact with a consistent level of security across multiple channels. It has five pre-built products that allow users to access any service with just their face

  • Mark ID

    Mark ID

    Mark ID is a global universal remote customer identification system, as well as an authentication and electronic signature platform for the Baltic States and beyond. We help companies identify their customers, fight fraud, reduce costs and comply with KYC, GDPR and AML compliance and regulatory requirements, as well as enable digital channels

  • Realtime Biometrics

    Realtime Biometrics

    Realtime is a leading contributor of unique finger impression center innovation. Its innovative work has dependably been the key part of Biometrical methodology, and the organization's present effective operation is without a doubt established in firm dependence all alone information base and aptitudes that were worked through methodical Research and Development projects. It is an innovation-based security framework master that outlines, creates, coordinates and appropriates inventive and mechanically propelled security framework programming and products

  • Softlock


    Softlock presents its solution for Secure Data Exchange, whether exchange by sending and receiving or by storing and viewing. The solution provides a secure and trusted system for document, e-mail and data files exchange that establishes integrity and trust within any organization. authentication Sign is your digital way to prove your kign is legally approved for digital uses three way for authentication Sign is your digital way to prove your kign is legally approved for digital uses three way for authentication Sign is your digital way to prove your kign is legally approved for digital uses three way for authentication. Softlcok Secure Data Exchange Solution provides a hardware based encryption methods for data security

  • Vemini


    VEMINI sets to redefines the paradigm of digital identity while paving the way to a complete interoperability of Access Management.To do this, VEMINI’s technology leverages of the synergistic action of cutting-edge technologies: Distributed Ledgers, Biometrics and the Internet of Things; creating the first omni channel decentralized authentication system that aims to establish itself as the new standard for Identity & Access Management of the future. VEMINI is also be the first Identity Provider based on digital, biometric and Self Sovereign Identities capable to become the only credential of access that any individual will ever need