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Top 10 Biometric Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

An individual’s identity is the most closely guarded open secret there is. With the way technology has matured, it has unfortunately become easy to assume the identity of another remotely. With the pandemic in effect, most enterprises have adopted the remote work system, which demands employees to access systems from their homes. Other forms of authorization too have transcended to the virtual sphere, and while that does bring with it a certain amount of comfort, the dangers are still at large.

An individual’s biometrics becomes a form of concrete identity proofing and has been proved to be the best form of identity authentication in recent times. With telehealth gaining popularity, verifying the identity of the practitioners and patients becomes necessary, lest there be any cases of medical malpractice. Even in the field of education, biometrics can play a role in verifying the identity of the applicant taking the exams to prevent cheating and undesirables from accessing the system. The application of biometrics doesn’t stop there and can be put to use in various other fields.

To help organizations and leaders to be at the vanguard of their fields, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and other thought leaders from the industry, along with the editorial board of Enterprise Security Magazine Europe, has assessed, curated, and shortlisted the best biometric solution providers currently reigning the industry and aiding enterprises with their expertise and technology.

In this edition, we present to you Enterprise Security Magazine’s “Top 10 Biometric Solution Providers in Europe - 2021.”

    Top Biometric Solution Companies in Europe

  • MY-ID is a Multi-Factor Biometric Authentication (MFA) technology that adds an extra layer of protection before accessing corporate applications. The solution stores a user’s digital identity locally on their mobile phone, as opposed to a remote server

  • NtechLab is an internationally acclaimed expert in neural network solutions and AI-powered facial recognition technology deployed across twenty countries. The company’s unique, innovative and accurate products are based on the critically acclaimed FindFace Facial recognition algorithm that houses the capability of identifying a person in a crowd of thousands within a few seconds. NtechLab was awarded the G20 Innovation Award for the Best Artificial Intelligence Startup for its groundbreaking technologies. The company has been recognized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), and various other organizations several times as a world leader in video analytics

  • An Amsterdam-based firm, Sumadi is helping education institutions, government agencies, certification providers, and corporations provide secure automated proctoring for online assessments through their AI-powered facial and typing pattern recognition, authentication, and browser tracking solutions. Today, via its innovative, secure, and automated proctoring platform, the company helps higher education institutions, government agencies, certification providers, and corporations around the world ensure the integrity of learning outcomes. Sumadi takes pride in being able to offer an automated proctoring solution available in multiple languages, capable of being delivered concurrently at scale.

  • Alcatraz


    Alcatraz is changing the way that companies use access control systems by providing facial authentication solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and analytics to modernize their access control systems. Enterprises across the Fortune 2000 choose Alcatraz’s technology to enable autonomous access control and use its intelligence to optimize their security strategy

  • CardLab


    Founded in 2003 by Torsten Nordentoft, among others, CardLab has done extensive research in high security cards for more than a decade. Based in Herlev, outside of Copenhagen, CardLab performs as one of Scandinavias' most promising high tech firms. Working with several well consolidated international investors, the company has developed a range of unique products and high tech solutions, several patented and already in use by card companies and card providers across the globe. CardLab provides its customers with OEM sale of individual technologies as well as the development of customer ordered complete solutions

  • Crayonic


    Since 2015 Crayonic develops and manufactures secure digital identity products and solutions for enterprises, healthcare providers, and governments. The company emphasizes security and privacy by design balanced with a superb user experience. Crayonic work with reliable partners and together deliver the highest value to its customers and their users

  • GenKey


    GenKey is an expert in biometrics provides a full range of digital biometric identity products, used by governments, public institutions and businesses. With over 100 million identities verified, GenKey has a proud reputation in supporting developing economies in their efforts to build sustainable biometric identity solutions. GenKey operates globally, with offices in Europe, Africa and the U.S.

  • Get ID

    Get ID

    GetID, now part of Group AB, is a modern and comprehensive solution that enables clients to swiftly and seamlessly perform online identity verification, KYC & AML checks, and significantly improve the onboarding process for your business. GetID provides its services across different regulated and non-regulated industries like Fintech, Payments Services Providers, Cryptocurrency, Online Casinos, Sharing Economy, Telecom companies, Telemedicine and more

  • Precise Biometrics

    Precise Biometrics

    Precise is a global identification software provider. The company offers products with various applications that enable individuals to identify themselves in a convenient and secure way by using their own unique human characteristics. Precise has three businesses; Digital Identity, Mobile and Smart Cards, and operates from its offices in Lund, Sweden, Potsdam NY, USA, and Shanghai, China. Precise is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (PREC)

  • Telsec


    Telsec ESS Schweiz AG was founded in March 2002 as an independent national representative of Telsec ESS Netherlands. In the beginning the focus was on the distribution and installation of article surveillance systems and accessories from the Dutch production. The range was supplemented right from the start with burglar alarm systems and video surveillance systems