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Top 10 Biometric Solutions Companies in Europe - 2022

Present biometric advances have led to numerous technical developments, and their effects are poised to influence how organisations conduct their business operations. They are widely used in schools, colleges, businesses, and governmental buildings in Europe as they are reliable, accurate, and difficult to forge. In terms of applications, the potential for biometric technology is limitless and leans toward better data security as it is used to establish an audit trail and boost accountability against internal threats. Applications of biometrics are expanding in the military and defence sector in European nations due to the growing security concerns, assisting in tracing criminal activity and streamlining access control in sensitive departments.

Furthermore, the widespread digitisation of numerous services and products across various industries and increased security breaches is driving the market growth. The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak is propelling the demand for contactless biometric solutions in temperature detection and access control systems, significantly impacting the market growth. In 2021, the European biometrics market had a value of 7.8 billion USD. The market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.8 per cent from 2022 to 2027, reaching US 20.0 billion dollars.

This edition of enterprise security highlights the key developments in the European biometric industry and how biometric companies are leveraging the latest technologies and market expertise to authenticate someone’s identity. It features a combination of thought leadership articles Dimitar Mutafchiev, Data Protection Officer/Head of Data Protection Section, DSK Bank, and Aleksander Radosavljevi, Global Chief Information Security Officer, STADA Group [FWB: SAZ], with real-life stories on fostering robust partnerships and exclusive insights from CIOs and CXOs. This edition brings you the stories of some of the most successful Biometric Solution Providers in Europe in 2022, like Incode, that reinvents how humans verify and authenticate their identity through a simple, secure, and fast AI-based platform.

We hope this edition empowers you to find the right biometric solution provider and leads you into the future fully equipped. We present to you the Top 10 Biometric Solutions Providers in Europe – 2022.

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    Top Biometric Solutions Companies in Europe

  • Incode offers AI-based identity products with self-service and secure multi-biometric capabilities, enabling enterprises to provide their customers with an omnichannel identity experience. The company is redefining how individuals authenticate and verify their identity online with its proprietary, robust ID validation mechanism-based technology.



    The Spain-based biometrics solution provider integrates solutions for facial recognition in onboarding processes, passive liveness detection to avoid identity theft, automatic document reading, and document security tools online, achieving compliance with KYC/AML legislation, increasing the conversion rate, and minimising fraud



    Founded in 1995, Dermalog Identification Systems favours biometric identification solutions like high-performance Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS), Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS), and the latest generation of fingerprint and document scanners



    With 13+ years of experience, Herta facilitates facial recognition solutions throughout the globe for video surveillance, access control, and marketing requirements featuring safe cities, airports, train and metro stations, prisons, banks, casinos, sports stadiums, shopping malls, military, police and forensic applications



    IDEMIA is a frontier in identity technologies, enabling public and private customers' payment, connectivity, access control, travel, identity, and public security solutions owing to their expertise in biometrics, cryptography, data analytics, systems, and smart devices



    As a global identification software provider, precise biometrics holds ground in three different interrelated arenas like digital identity, and mobile and smart cards proffering individuals with varied services to identify themselves conveniently and securely through their unique human characteristics



    Sumadi facilitates higher education institutions, government agencies, certification providers, and corporations in achieving integrity of learning outcomes like facial and typing pattern recognition, authentication, object detection, and browser tracking solutions via the secure automated proctoring solutions- artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques

  • TECH5


    The Geneva-native company specialises in iris recognition, face recognition, ABIS, border control, enrollment, biometrics, and fingerprint recognition. The Tech 5 biometric solution provider holds a firm ground in identity management, mobile biometrics, eKYC, digital identity, contactless biometrics, touchless capture, and digital identity



    The innovative startup in Paris facilitates expertise solutions in the field of identity confirmation by facial biometrics to venture more intuitive, secure, and accessible experiences to access the digital world via enhanced biometrics, digital identity, and artificial intelligence



    Founded in 2010, ZKTeco is a leading biometric solution provider in Europe with an intense focus on smart identity authentication applications, entrance control solutions, smart office, and access solutions for achieved automation in the attendance processes and in strengthening building security and surveillance